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  • Wanderer23

    Hi, I am new and I just love Covert Affair, but I notice that this site Wiki-navigation toolbar is mess a little and can't find who in admin is currently here that active. I have setup that some might like, its just need to go MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation

    • Category:Episodes|Episodes
      • Season 1
      • Season 2
      • Season 3
      • Season 4
    • Category:Characters|Characters
      • Annie Walker
      • Auggie Anderson
      • Joan Campbell
      • Jai Wilcox
      • Danielle Brooks
      • Arthur Campbell
    • Category:Cast|Cast
      • Piper Perabo
      • Christopher Gorham
      • Kari Matchett
      • Sendhil Ramamurthy
      • Anne Dudek
      • Peter Gallagher
    • portal-url|community
      • blogs-recent-url|Blogs
      • portal-url|portal
      • forum-url|forum
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