Suffragette City (#CA309)
First Aired: September 11, 2012
Writer: Tamara Becher
Director: Félix Alcalá
Guest Starring:
Previous Episode: Glass Spider
Next Episode: Let's Dance


Simon is dead, and Annie is rushed to the hospital for heart surgery. Lena has arranged the crime scene to make it appear that Annie and Simon shot each other, and arranged other evidence to make it appear that Annie is selling secrets to the Russians. Auggie believes in Annie, Arthur does not, and Joan is not sure. Arthur refuses to allow Auggie access to the evidence against Annie. Auggie eventually learns that a false passport was found on her (the one she took to Cuba) and tracks down the man who made it, but arrives just after Lena has killed him. He smells Lena's perfume, allowing him to identify her as the real traitor. Auggie threatens to resign unless Joan gives him access to the evidence, and Joan covertly allows him access. Annie wakes up in the hospital only to be assaulted by Lena. Joan and Auggie arrive, but Lena escapes. As Joan orders the exits from Washington secured, doctors attempt to restart Annie's heart. Throughout the episode, the unconscious Annie dreams about interactions with the other characters.

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