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Simon Fischer S03E04
Simon Fischer
Age Unknown
Affiliations: KGB
Occupation(s): Entrepreneur; Spy (presumed)
Ability Multilingual (English, Arabic, German, Russian);

Assassination (presumed)

Status: Deceased {{{Status}}}
Alias None currently known
Actor: Richard Coyle

Simon Fischer is a venture capitalist, Cambridge-educated bon vivant[1] introduced at the beginning of season 3. While he is a European business man, he doubles as a master spy known for his kill pattern. He is Annie's first assigned target upon her transfer to Lena's department.

Early LifeEdit

Due to his family history, Simon is described as being "raised on the farm" that most spies gradually find their way to and as having espionage "literally" in his blood; he was born in Russia but moved to the United Kingdom as a boy as a result of his parents making a "high profile defection" under the guide of wanting to reclaim the family fortune.[2] Shortly after his father died, his mother took him around the world, reasoning that, "The best way to learn about the world is by seeing it."[3]; they spent years journeying and spent, at most, six months in one place. As such, it is assumed that his mother was a KGB spy.

During his youth, it is also stated that he attended boarding school for some time.[4], though his mother homeschooled him during their travels. Furthermore, his kill patterns suggest that he had trained with the FSB Vympel Force for some time.[5]


Upon his first meeting with Annie, Simon passes off as a rich man having a heart of gold, desiring to keep the Ourika Valley untouched to maintain it as a preserve.[6] Additionally, he is rather flirtatious as he attempts to flatter Annie by comparing her to the extreme beauties of the past that were allowed to eat halawi, only to be triumphed by Annie's knowledge of the language. Nonetheless, he continues to manufacture a number of ruses in order to meet up with her again.

At the same time, Simon is very guarded; he reveals little to Annie about his past and seldom mentions anything regarding the present. It is implied to be the result of a previous, serious relationship that ended badly, when Annie questions who was the bright star symbolized by his tattoo of the Big Dipper--which originates from John Keats's poem--a question he quickly deflects.[7]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Simon is marked as extremely dangerous for his skill in two key areas - espionage and murder. Raised by a presumed KGB spy, it can be assumed that Simon was introduced to the skills of a spy at a young age and has been utilizing them since. Furthermore, rumors of his training with the FSB Vympel Force can be linked to his potentially great physical prowess as well. Finally, Simon has demonstrated fluency in four languages thus far: English, Arabic, German and Russian.


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