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File:Covert Affairs, Season 4 - Annie is BackFile:Covert Affairs 2010 logo.svgFile:Covert Affairs 4x02 Promo "Dig for Fire" (HD)
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File:Pilot 6.jpgFile:Pilot 7.jpgFile:Pilot 8.jpg
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File:S05e01 RyanMcQuaid.jpgFile:Sarah Clarke as Lena.jpgFile:Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 6.06.40 PM.png
File:Season 2 of Covert Affairs begins next summer!File:Section 1124-A.pngFile:Section 1124-A Ops center.png
File:Seth Newman.pngFile:Simon Fischer S03E04.jpgFile:Sister's House.jpg
File:Site 6412 Foxtrot.pngFile:Site 6412 Foxtrot armory.pngFile:Site 6412 Foxtrot interrogation room.png
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