Let's Dance (#CA310)
First Aired: September 18, 2012
Writer: Matt Corman & Chris Ord
Director: Andrew Bernstein
Guest Starring:
Previous Episode: Suffragette City
Next Episode: Rock 'n' Roll Suicide


Lena has escaped to Moscow, where she has killed several CIA agents sent to kill her. Only partially recovered from her shooting, Annie identifies a musician there, Dmitri Larionov, as a retired spy with ties to Lena. Knowing she will go anyway, Joan sends Annie (against CIA policy) to photograph Lena and return, so that extradition can be negotiated. Annie meets Dmitri and gets his help in stopping Lena's car for the photograph, but instead walks into an ambush. The resulting incident derails the negotiations and embarrasses both Arthur and Joan, who offers Arthur her resignation. Annie learns that Dmitri has been seduced by Lena, who did not have her killed in the ambush because she wants to meet with her. In a confrontation at an isolated dacha, Lena tries to convince Annie to become a double agent. When this fails, she attempts to distract Annie and pulls a hidden gun on her, prompting Annie to shoot her in self-defense.

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