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Sarah Clarke as Lena

Sarah Clarke as Lena Smith

Lena Smith was a double agent working in both the CIA and KGB. Lena was shown to have a frosty relationship with Joan Campbell when Annie was transferred to her division following the death of Jai Wilcox.


Lena was a highly regarded spy who worked in a different division of the DPD. Little is initially known about Lena, but her story begins to unfold in mid to late season three. Her methods were much less orthodox than Joan's

Relationship with AnnieEdit

Lena gave Annie much more freedom than she had while under Joan's supervision. Where Annie relied on Joan to make choices regarding her missions, Lena allowed her to be more independent and make those choices herself. Lena initially appears to have genuinely liked Annie.

Annie's Mission with SimonEdit

Annie's first mission under Lena was to gather intel on a Russian born Englishman named Simon Fischer. Lena encouraged Annie to seduce Simon, advising her that if she became intimate with him, she could gain greater intel.

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