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Jai 11
Jai Wilcox
Age 38 (Deceased on Show)
Affiliations: CIA
Occupation(s): Director: OSP
Relatives: Henry Wilcox
Actor: Sendhil Ramamurthy

Jai Wilcox was a second-generation CIA officer. His father was formerly the head of the CIA before Arthur Campbell. Because of this, Jai seemed to have issues relating to people in the workplace. He was encouraged by Joan and Arthur to befriend Annie to get information about Ben Mercer from her. Jai served as the head of the CIA's Office of Special Projects, a unit mandated to "interface amongst the various directorates and help exploit efficiency opportunities to minimize bureaucracy."

Car Bomb
The car explosion that killed Jai.
HorneanAdded by Hornean

In the season 3 premiere Jai is killed when his car blows up as he starts it up after talking to Annie.

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